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Announcement from Java Developers

Client Technical Professional @ IBM

Hello Java Developers,

Currently, our group is capped at 120,000 members, but just temporarily, just catching our breath :) We are getting caught up on our house keeping - which is a huge job!

One of our members Matt Genovese in Austin, TX is having a job fair, and I thought some of you in that area, might want to attend. Details can be found at:

Thanks for being a member of Java Developers!

Take care,
John Backer, Java Developers Group Founder

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  • April 17, 2012
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  • Abdul H.


    Abdul H.

    Software Engineer at London Property & Finance

    Hi John,

    I am residing in UK and would like to attend this job fair. Can you send me the invitation, therefore I can attend the job fair.



  • Kishor J.


    Kishor J.

    Computer Software Professional

    can i attend this job fair from india.if yes plz give me an alert

  • Aditya A.


    Aditya A.

    Software Developer at LG Soft India

    I am interested in the job fair and i am residing in India.Will you please send me the invitation.

    Aditya Agarwal

  • David L.


    David L.

    Co-Founder, Emitrom Inc.

    Quick question. How is it possible that a tutorial that shows how to write an iPad application in Java, with a server-side component in Java, tied together with GWT-RPC, gets moved to the promotions page, but the 1000 job posts that are put in the discussions page are left there?

    I would think a tutorial which promotes Java has more merit of being displayed in the discussions page, than one of the hundreds of job posts that get put there daily.