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Angel Investors Network is now an open group Manager's Choice

President at American Career Development Institute

I am pleased to announce that, as the owner of this group, I have just switched us to an open discussion group. All future discussions will be fully visible, searchable, and shareable on the Web. All past discussions are now closed in a members-only archive. I look forward to our future discussions now joining the broader conversation of the wider Web.

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  • December 23, 2010
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  • Aaron M.


    Aaron M.


    Any angels interested in investing in wine? Very lucrative offer in California. Contact me

  • Chris L.


    Chris L.

    President/CEO Kendal Investments, INC

    Looking for investors
    Business Description
    Kendal Investments intends to raise $1,000,000 in capital through a private offering in order to purchase and/or establish FedEx Trucking Routes in the United States and Canada.
    The Kendal Investments management team is experienced in small package and group courier services. They are known around the industry for quality service and professionalism. Established in February 2011, Kendal Investments is a premium investment holding company with superior knowledge in trucking, small package delivery and currier service. We believe that there are certain deficiencies in the marketplace and with our talents we were up to the challenge to begin to meet this need. Our company can handle all types’ transportation and logistics needs as we offer truckload, less than load, consolidated shipments, freight and expedited services, and much more. We provide premium transportation service to and from all points in the United States and Canada.
    Our first route purchase is in Pennsylvania and consists of 6 routes which gross around $900,000 per year; this purchase has $250,000 worth of inventory in the form of trucks and equipment which mitigates the risk associated with this transaction. We have negotiated a, purchase price of $425,000 down from the original $499,000 price. With the $74,000 reduction in price combined with the $250,000 inventory we have already reduced the risk by $324,000. Our second opportunity is in California and hold similar profit opportunities as the first.
    After spending the past 15 years developing our methods and gaining a better understanding of the marketplace that we serve we believe it is time to expand our capabilities for an even strong balance sheet. Upon the injection of an additional $1,000,000 we will be able to accept this Pennsylvania opportunity that has been presented to us by the current route owner. With our expansion across the United States and Canada we will be able to supply our shareholders with very lucrative profits and dividends. With our tight control on expenses, good reputation and comparable pricing approach we will be able to maximize the results from the $1,000,000 capital raise we are seeking and produce significant profits.

  • John P.


    John P.

    Managing Director, Bay Street Investors

    Chemical Industry Opportunity. We're looking for private equity to co-invest with us in a specialty chemical business located in the Southwest USA. For 2012, the company will do $10 million in sales and generate $2 million in EBITDA. We are looking to lend about $700K for convertible debt secured by receivables. The owner/operators are seasoned pros. Solid business. Great platform for a roll-up. Call me at 215-280-4598

  • Charles L. P.

    Charles L.

    Charles L. P.


    Universal Forces International Inc.

    The new Entertainment, Fashion & Motion Picture Industry

    The company of the future

    If your looking for great returns on your investment contact us for more details

    Joint ventures accepted also

    20+ Major recording Companies..15 State of the art Multimedia Recording Facilities that will be located across the globe.

  • george S.


    george S.

    Owner, GSturbine,llc

    I have invented the worlds first truly efficient electric vehicle, it has two (2) on board green energy supply, wind and solar, it may never need to be pluged in for recharge. The hart of this technology is a WC micro wind turbine. This technology is for sale. World wide patent rights (three US patents)

  • Dr. Earl R. S.

    Dr. Earl R.

    Dr. Earl R. S.

    Senior Vice President, Acquisitions at The Varley Group

    Hey Wayne, we've got another spammer in the group. This one is named Mr Aban Hakim. This from another Linked In group. Mr Aban Hakim is a scammer who has spammed several discussion threads on LinkedIn. He maintains several LinkedIn profiles and uses different email addresses. See also: Check out the link. Otherwise, great group and great job managing it. Best regards.

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