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Activities Areas for Corporate to make their CSR & be a part of Corporate-Citizen Collective Responsibility Group (CCCRG) of INDIA Redefined-"Lets aim to make more Doers than Beneficiaries"

Founder at INDIA Redefined

Corporates , interested to make INDIA Redefined Campaigns/ Initiatives their CSR, plz send mail at Be a part of INDIA Redefined Citizen - Corporate Collective Responsibility Group (CCCRG) - for Citizens to join their Individual Social Responsibility ISR with Corporate for their Corporate Social Responsibility CSR

Lets aim to make more Doers than Beneficiaries

Best Humanitarian Initiative 2009 award winner INDIA Redefined a Non Political Citizens Empowerment Movement with supporters across Globe,is asking for Individual Social Responsibility (ISR )of Common People of INDIA by Donating their TIME.

INDIA Redefined Activity Areas

1. AWAKEN INDIA –awareness, motivational campaigns
a. Individual Social Responsibility
b. Literacy among underprivileged
2. CLEAN INDIA – Projects promoting cleanliness, e.g.
a. Group Cleaning of uncleared garbage at public places, near housing societies
etc. preferably, involving responsible agencies/ ward officers etc. who
should be doing it as a part of their job.
b. Slum cleaning by motivating local slum‐dwellers to participate in cleaning
of their own area. Organizing “Clean House” competition as a
motivational cue in identified villages.
3. GREEN INDIA –Projects promoting greenery, environment
sustainability, pollution reduction.
a. Tree plantation (Housing complex, school, parks,
hospitals etc.) with sponsor.
b. Save Electricity –individuals households target to reduce
electricity consumption
c. Promoting application of renewable energy sources at household level
d. Promoting Rain Water Harvesting
e. Anti‐plastic & Anti‐paper campaigns for individual shopping & storage,
promoting jute, cloth bags
f. Reuse & Recycle campaigns,training workshops
4. EDUCATE INDIA ‐ Activities, projects requiring individual involvement in making
the country and citizens educated at different levels
a. Imparting computer usage and literacy to underprivileged
b. Collection of Books for different age groups, difftopics, different
languages,making India Redefined library in one underprivileged slum
area or underprivileged school. I DONATE oath (6 months) for teaching
in village or municipal schools.To eliminate educational inequity,improve
quality of education
d. Skill Development, Vocational Training workshops with focus on self‐
e. Self‐employment Training, mentoring
5. HEALTHY INDIA –Projects of Health &Hygiene, e.g.
a. Campaign to collect Soaps, Toothpastes, washing powder
from diff houses, distribution in slum areas,
explaining them importance of personal,community,area
hygiene in disease prevention, payback in terms of reduced medical cost.
b. Health Check‐up camps
i. Eye Check‐up camps for underprivileged.
ii. Blood donation camps
c. Awareness Campaigns
i. AIDS Awareness
ii. Eye & Organ donation campaigns
iii. Vaccination
iv. Cleanliness & Hygiene
v. No Tobacco
6. C.U.R.E INDIA (Citizens United for Redefining & Empowering)
a. Make a difference in the lives of underprivileged
& let them become your mentee.Guide them redefine
their life,empower them with your thinking
b. Women Empowerment
c. Expert Advice in various fields
7. Develop your Village- Set of activities,projects
with active involvement of the villagers
8. Motivating the beggars to stop begging,start working by identifying role models from society who would be able to effectively communicate, motivate beggars for a behavioral change support from society at large to gain self respect through work
9. INDIA Redefined Internship Prog
a. Visiting NGOs of the city nearby areas -documenting
types of work they are doing,Plans, Implementation formats for them
c. Identify potential Coordinators
d. Project development,resource generation

INDIA Redefined brings Common People working for betterment of Country on one platform in masses across globe

Ranjana Kanti
INDIA Redefined
+91 9004188844

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  • May 26, 2012
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