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3D Advertising Technology

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David B.


AS-3D Digital Signage - What does it mean?

Android Opportunist, Adventurer and Entrepreneur

What does it mean to install glasses free 3D screens in public venues with its focus on advertising to consumers who increasingly avoid or ignore television advertising and 2D signage?

3D Ad Net - soft launch. Please contact us if you have interest in discussing possible synergies.

3D AD NET linkedin.com

The age of 3D Digital Signage is upon us in the natural growth of advertising. The average US Citizen sees 3000 advertisements per day across a variety of networks and mediums so it becomes increasingly important to stand out and be relevant. It is estimated by industry experts that digital signage captured 14.6 billion in 2011. 3D Ad Net is breaking the mold that has only just proven itself as a

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  • February 11, 2012
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  • Kiyoto K.


    Kiyoto K.

    CEO and President at Newsight Japan Ltd.

    What I am doing now in Japan is to install AS-3D display at public place, then show 3D content. It is simple definition at the moment. Just switch 2D display to 3D display.When viewers got to know it is 3D images without glasses, people tend to stop and watch content. From past experience, 3D has a power to make people stop and watch content.
    I installed at Tokyo Bigsight, a convention hall in Tokyo, one unit of 70" and 6 units of 42" AS-3D displays.
    I believe hardware and software will be updated and definition of AS-3D Digital Signage will be also updated. It is in the early stage now.

  • Charles T.


    Charles T.

    Empower Network/Big Idea Mastermind

    AS-3D Digital Signage means "the evolution of advertising" as it pertains to successful branding. Advertising is all about "image" and brands know they must consistently change to stay in the forefront of the competition. 3D is here to stay and will become increasingly more acceptable as the standard rather than the exception. As 3D programming becomes more prevalent, so the advertising.

  • Benjamin C.


    Benjamin C.

    Entrepreneur / Business developer in the manufacturing and digital industries

    Hi David,

    I would be very interested to talk with you about potential synergies between our businesses.
    We are on the 3D content side, we know that our catalogue of stereoscopic content can be valuable to your clients willing to produce project with ease with beautiful and affordable content.

    Feel free to contact me back or let me your phone number

  • David B.


    David B.

    Android Opportunist, Adventurer and Entrepreneur

    Benjamin, yes lets talk again soon. We must meet at NAB. Will you have a booth?

    Business phone - 323 419 0033

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