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35 degrees outside and the guests have the Air-conditioning on full and all the blankets on the bed.....Why????then they leave the room with the air-conditioner going all day, sometimes till night.

Proprietor at Anzac Golden Bed Pension

Returning to a refrigerated room....

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  • July 13, 2012
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  • Pat B.


    Pat B.

    Owner of Las Golondrinas guest house

    I know exactly how you feel. I'm thinking about pre setting the air conditioning and removing the remote control. If they want the remote control then they pay extra for it.
    They insist on setting the air conditioning in summer at 16C. If the room was 16C they would be wanting heating so why set the air con so low

  • Lieve T.


    Lieve T.

    Deskundige - Regioverpleegkundige Kind en Gezin

    I've set timers on all my airconditioning untis. Guests can now only put on the airoc between 22 and 2 o'clock, if they want more, I'll have to charge them. I get good responses with that, people don't mind that they can't put it on the whole day. Maybe it helps that our B&B is a green one with only solar panels for our electricty.

  • Heather F.


    Heather F.

    Owner, Strathy Inn

    We have the same problem in reverse in Scotland with some guests who turn the heating right up and then leave the windows open or go out and leave the room a furnace.

  • Karen C.


    Karen C.

    Owner at Seymour Guest House

    Hi Heather
    That drives me mad too. We have controls on the radiators and they turn them to the highest setting but leave their windows open wide all day. Guests eh!!!!

  • Carol G.


    Carol G.

    Business Proprietor at Zephyr Studio

    Hi, I opt for appealing to the guests environmental conscience. I have a folder that stipulates we are environmentally aware and ask guest to be considerate of this!! Thereby using less water, electricity, towels etc. However you could add a footnote that if facilities are overused they can expect you to enter and turn off any appliances that are wasting energy!! When I email receipts to guests I note that I have a file on the coffee table to explain how things work and ask them to read on arrival to make their stay more enjoyable. If they fail to read the folder that goes into more detail then you are covered as to entering their apartment in their absence!!

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