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  • Type

    Privately Held

  • Headquarters

    1821 Q Street Sacramento, California 95811 United States

  • Company Size

    51-200 employees

  • Founded


PeopleFinders employees

  1. Bryce Lane
    Bryce Lane
  2. Eddie Lau
    Eddie Lau
    VP of Information Technology
  3. Angela Arriaga-Simpson
    Angela Arriaga-Simpson
    Director of Human Resources & Operations
  4. Rob Miller
    Rob Miller
  5. Rob Miller
    Rob Miller
  6. Neil Wang
    Neil Wang
    E-Commerce Marketing Coordinator
  7. Clark Beverlin
    Clark Beverlin
    System Administrator
  8. Andrew Waters
    Andrew Waters
  9. Chelee Ross
    Chelee Ross
    Front-end Developer/ UX Designer
  10. john woodford
    john woodford
    Web Developer
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